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Word of the Day


Definition: (adjective) Contemptibly small in amount.
Synonyms: petty, trivial, trifling, beggarly, derisory, measly, piddling
Usage: The miserly millionaire was criticized for his paltry donation, but even public shaming was not enough to make him part with more money.
Article of the Day


The gegenschein is an oval patch of faint light directly opposite the sun in the night sky. It is so faint that it can only be seen in the absence of moonlight and is lost in the light of the Milky Way except in the spring and fall. It is thought to be caused by sunlight reflecting off dust particles in space that may be part of Earth's tail of dust and gas. Danish astronomer Theodor Brorsen published an account of the phenomenon in 1854, about 50 years after it was observed and named by whom? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Neuter Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns are only inflected for gender when they are in the third person and singular. However, the third-person singular can also be "neuter." What does that mean? More...
Idiom of the Day

be honor-bound to do (something)

To be or feel obliged to do something because it is morally correct or required by one's sense of duty or integrity, even if one does not desire to do so. Primarily heard in US. More...

This Day in History

Crusaders Take the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem (1099)

Built in the 4th century by Constantine, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem is the supposed location of Jesus' tomb. The holy site was captured and partially destroyed numerous times, and, in 1096, the First Crusade was launched in part to recapture it. In 1099, Crusaders poured into Jerusalem, killed its non-Christian population, and took the church. It was rebuilt, and has since been carefully divided among quarreling Christian factions. Who has traditionally kept the key? More...
Today's Birthday

Linda Ronstadt (1946)

Ronstadt is an American popular-music singer and record producer. She embarked on a solo career in the late 1960s and became known for her interpretations of folk songs and collaborations with artists from a diverse array of genres. She became one of the most successful female singers of the 1970s and branched out in the 80s with award-winning Spanish language albums. One of her grandfathers was an inventor who made a fortune by patenting what widely used household item? More...
Today's Holiday

Hill Cumorah Pageant (2020)

Billed as the largest outdoor pageant in the United States, the Hill Cumorah Pageant is based on the Bible and the Book of Mormon and is presented by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Palmyra, New York, for nine consecutive evenings (excluding Sunday and Monday) in July. It tells the story of the people who lived on the North American continent between 600 BCE and 421 CE, and how Christ taught these ancient Americans his gospel after his resurrection in Jerusalem. Presented on seven stages, more than 500 people participate in the pageant on a volunteer basis. More...
Quote of the Day
The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it.
Joseph Conrad
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: shy

demur, demure - Demur is the verb "to object or voice opposition," while demure is the adjective meaning "modest, shy." More...

farouche - Means "sullen or shy in company." More...

milquetoast - Comes from a comic strip character created in 1924 who was shy, timid, and unassertive. More...

shrinking violet - Violets actually shrink as if they become shy, giving us this term. More...

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